The Choice of Who Comes to Court?

Living in the shadow of the King is not an easy job. You want recognition, but never really want to outshine the King and his constituents at the game that they laid the ground rules for, from the start. Enter –Tudor watch, personally I have sold them with A.D.’s, pre-owned by the masses and really never gave them much of a nod unless you really didn’t want a Rolex or another high end equivalent. It was always the second pick, budget permitting and I get that. Essentially a great second pick, but still second status in court.

Things have definitely changed, after many attempts by the Swiss to place the Tudor in the American Market it marched home with a tail tucked and a good try was had by all. Then, all of a sudden with a house movement and some industrial looks that split them apart from the founding father’s grasp it started to work. Collaborations with Breitling that swapped movements, great strap selections and options. A less Rolex look alike and more, I stand on my own presence was had, that industrial edge, guts that made them worth the cash.

Where to go from here you might ask? Now firmly planted in the United 50 as a great watch in the 3K-5K range you still have to impress consistently to make that watch customer look your way on occasion. Well, name on name sales and branding seem to be the way to pack the most punch. What better way to sell a watch TUDOR-HARROD’S really? Elite, English, etc. etc. It’s exclusive, pricey, name driven and desirable for most collectors. Your Majesty look, I have come to Court once again, don’t be jealous.

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