Going Down a Rabbit Hole: Part 1 – i.e. “Hi, I’m Steve, and I’m a watchaholic”

You ever find yourself going down a weird rabbit-hole half induced by one you started, and half by someone else?

That’s where I’m at. It started a few months ago when I started looking into the history of Rolex GMT Masters. I quickly realized that Tom Selleck wore one in Magnum P.I., I believe the 4-digit reference 1675 Pepsi. I believe the hour hand on this one was enslaved in a way to the GMT hand or some such.

That’s not really the point. The point is, because of my interest in watches, I ended up buying multiple seasons of Magnum P.I. But that’s not the only thing. I started speaking about the show to a buddy of mine, and fellow watch-nerd, and he was on the hunt for yet a DIFFERENT watch from the same show; the ever-elusive Chronosport SeaQuartz 30. He kept me posted one night as he bid on one, only to lose out. Prices have only gone up since!

Long story short, thanks to interest in watches I know how 5 -inch inseam Hawaiian Shorts, a mustache, and because I’m obviously not wealthy enough to just go out and buy a Rolex GMT Master on a secondary market, I gave the Steinhart 39mm Pepsi on Jubilee with an Aluminum Bezel a try. And let me tell you. It’s quite a watch.

I had convinced myself I would only wear it long enough to get the feel for it, to know if I would really want the real thing, and then I’d sell it on Reddit. I’m not some plebe who would lower himself to wearing an homage. OR WAS I?

Like most of you watch nerds, obviously one watch purchase during a rabbit trail was not quite enough for me. My future posts will probably piggy-back for awhile off of this one. I’ve been into watches for almost a couple of years now, but I’ve found myself drawn into a weird sub-section of the watch world, a world of trying to mimic the time pieces found in Magnum P.I. It’s a good touching off place to explain where my watch enthusiasm is now, and maybe back trace where it came from.

I’m just an average guy, I don’t know the difference between a balance cock or a balance spring. But I know I love watches. I hope you enjoy my musings as an amateur trying to navigate his way through a horological world of endless jargon I don’t quite understand, but am also too self-conscious to ask the meaning of from more grizzled veterans of the watch world.

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