Going Down a Rabbit Hole: Part 1 – i.e. “Hi, I’m Steve, and I’m a watchaholic”

You ever find yourself going down a weird rabbit-hole half induced by one you started, and half by someone else? That’s where I’m at. It started a few months ago when I started looking…Continue readingGoing Down a Rabbit Hole: Part 1 – i.e. “Hi, I’m Steve, and I’m a watchaholic”

Seiko Presage SPB127 Hands All Over

The price, the price, the price? $825.00 USD, is that for real? This is a steal, limited edition Seiko with class and wearability. Great contrast via the bezel and dial, a must buy this…Continue readingSeiko Presage SPB127 Hands All Over


Seikopaths: 1)Term to define Seiko watch addicts that comb the internet looking for limited edition models, and vintage Seiko timepieces. 2) Watch fanatic that has ingested so much knowledge of Seiko history that they…Continue readingSeikopaths

Sherbet Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

Orange it’s all the rage in the watch world, namely orange-white color combo watches, come in sweet. The folks at Zodiac, had a little social media vote and this is the color combination their…Continue readingSherbet Zodiac Super Sea Wolf

Up Close and Personal Seiko Prospex SPB097J1 “Twilight Blue”

Captain’s log: A week has passed and this is the only watch I have been wearing. God I love the Prospex, I will be acquiring more! CTWG I recently picked up the Seiko Prospex…Continue readingUp Close and Personal Seiko Prospex SPB097J1 “Twilight Blue”

The Choice of Who Comes to Court?

Living in the shadow of the King is not an easy job. You want recognition, but never really want to outshine the King and his constituents at the game that they laid the ground…Continue readingThe Choice of Who Comes to Court?

Ducks On The Pond

It’s Duck Dive Time, the “Legit” Diver entry from our friends at Shinola, has started to make waves for the summer soon approaching. This new Duck is of solid construction and made to the…Continue readingDucks On The Pond

Armchair Navy Seal: Luminox ANU

Have you ever been sitting on the couch channel surfing and come across Discovery’s “BUD/S Class 234” about the military training of soon to be United States Navy SEALs? That is some intense, and…Continue readingArmchair Navy Seal: Luminox ANU

Breitling Raven

Between the orange and black colorway and the name, you might be inclined to think the Breitling Raven landed just in time for Halloween. This Special Edition Chronomat is all treat and no trick.…Continue readingBreitling Raven

Deep Black Omega Planet Ocean

If you are down with variation of theme, the Deep Black Planet Ocean has taken the Seamaster series to new heights. The 18K Sedna gold bezel and crown with an 18K Ceragold diving scale,…Continue readingDeep Black Omega Planet Ocean