Signs You’ve Been Using The Wristwatch Wrongly

using the wristwatch wrongly

For wristwatch enthusiasts, it is essential that you take proper care of your wristwatch just as you would consider appropriate care of your body.

Not everyone sees PR knows the importance of a wristwatch and it’s added value to one’s outfit. But for those who can’t do without a wristwatch, we want to share with you some likely ways you must have been misusing the watch.

Some of the ways you’ve been misusing your wristwatch are what you, but it’s unknown to you that it can affect the lifespan of your watch.

What are the signs you’ve been using the wristwatch wrongly?

You touch with water

Not all wristwatches come with water resistance features. Therefore, you must be too cautious whenever you are taking your wristwatch closer to water.

For instance, nature or your work will warrant that you wash your hand often; you have to be extra careful when doing that while you have your wristwatch in your hand.

Also, it is unhealthy for you to walk in the rain while you have your wristwatch in your hand. You are not doing the right thing with the band of your watch.

If it happens to be metal, it will lose value over time, and if it is a leather band, it is likely to get soaked which will later give unpleasant smell.

Never serviced it

The only way you can perceive your wristwatch is malfunctioning is only when that is visible or obvious because it doesn’t give sounds.

Not like a car which you are likely to know that something is wrong through the sound. So how do you do when something goes wrong with your wristwatch?

The best way is to get familiar with the watch. Once you notice its operations is entirely different to what you’ve known it to be.

It is essential that you service your wristwatch at least once a month. It will not only keep your watch in a good state but as well as improve the lifespan of the wristwatch.

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Tossing the wristwatch around from one place to another isn’t a good way to handle your wristwatch.

The wristwatch should be handled with care. The composition of the watch isn’t designed in such a way that it can be tossed from one place to another.

You might likely get a component out of place, and that might lead to the damages of the watch.

The setting of the time

Most people don’t know this and therefore are faulty of it. The setting of the time ensures that you are updated with the current world.

If you take close attention to how the whole hands in your wristwatch work, you will find out the wristwatch hands works in a clockwise direction.

Setting the time as well should be done in the clockwise direction. While you are trying to fix the time, you should move the crown in the clockwise direction and not in an anticlockwise direction.

Most people don’t take notice of this but moving the crown in an anticlockwise direction will only cause more harm to the watch in disguise.

Fixing your wristwatch yourself

Why on earth do you think there is a profession known as horologist? They are not just there all because of the certificate but because they are capable of fixing your wristwatch.

You don’t know much or have little knowledge of your wristwatch and how it works. Therefore, you should give it to the experts to fix.

You can fix some easy part like replacing the battery, but when it comes to some technical sections, you should leave it to the horologist to do their work.

Wrong storage

Most people find it easier to place or store their wristwatch wherever they like. You should always keep your wristwatch safe and secured in places where the value won’t be affected.

For instance, placing your wristwatch on TV, speakers, and radio that has magnetic force will affect the operation of your wristwatch.

It might affect the mechanical components of the watch and cause the engine to stop working. The best place to store your wristwatch is inside the case or in a safe place where you can reach out to it quickly.

Less maintenance

It is perfect that you take good care of what you have. Learn to clean the watch regularly after use.

Metals get damaged easily when sweat gets clogged to it and the same with leather that can get stinking with a foul smell. So to keep it in proper condition, you should always clean with a beautiful cloth.


Wristwatches are designed to be cared for, but while some people claim to handle their wristwatch correctly, some still don’t.

We choose to share with you some of how you might be causing more harm to your wristwatch which is not known to you.

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